How SMM Helps SEO?

Social media marketing is one of the best strategies to drive traffic. Whether you want to promote new games like here at, or some sort of product – it doesn’t matter. However, does it really help with SEO? If it does, how? These are the things we’ll explore today to give you a better perspective of how these two are related.

What Is SMM, and What Is SEO?

SMM, which stands for social media marketing, is a process where you market your business with the use of social network sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. The marketing strategy you use could be paid or free. For paid marketing, you will advertise on the social media platform of your choice. The free option means you will create a page for your business and post content. You will also build a following.

Search engine optimization, on the other hand, is a process where you “convince” search engines to rank your content in search engines. Today, SEO is synonymous with ranking in Google Search results pages or SERPs.

Are SMM and SEO connected?

Yes, they are connected. There was a time when they were not. However, updates and advancements in the algorithm of Google now make them intertwined.

Google now uses your social media presence to validate your credibility. In addition to this, they also use the number of shares of your posts as a ranking factor. For example, if you publish a post like “7 Things You Did Not Know About Batman” and share it on Facebook – Google will consider how many shares or link clicks this social media post has.

The number of shares and clicks has an impact on how the Google search algorithm decides on your article’s ranking in the SERPs. Essentially, SMM helps with your SEO by generating link clicks and shares. The Google search engine records these behaviours (clicks) and uses them as a ranking factor.

Benefits of SMM to Your Content

Before you dismiss the social media aspect of marketing relative to SEO, there are some key benefits that you need to see. So, managing social networks does have an impact on SEO but in a less direct way. When your digital marketing efforts add up, they will influence your search engine optimization in six different ways.

Here are the benefits of SMM:

Let’s discover each of them!

Content Distribution

Social media is an excellent place to distribute content. In traditional marketing, your only channels were your website and email subscribers.

There are millions of people who use social media. If you take the time to post your article, a lot of them will see it. Now, what you want is to have a lot of followers. Every time you post, many of these followers will click on your post and be redirected to your website.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is any page visit you get that you did not pay for. Big companies that sell products pay a huge amount of money for advertising. The expectation is that they get a return on this investment from sales conversions.

As a business, you cannot sustain sales or conversion by paid traffic only. What you must do is drive organic traffic. With social media marketing, your followers will click your links or posts and get to your website. If people like what they see, they will naturally share your post on their accounts. Their friends will see this shared content, and these friends will click on your post, too.

That is what we call social media organic traffic. All you did was post content that your audience loves, and they did the work of marketing for you. It is why many politically charged websites or news websites use social media marketing. Their posts go viral, and the post eventually ranks high on SERPs.

Brand Recognition and Reputation

Finally, social media marketing allows you to build your brand. With social media posts, people begin to recognize who you are. Because people are now acquainted with you, you slowly but surely build your credibility. After some time, you will begin to realize that Google also recognizes you as an authority in the field.

As your credibility increases, so does your ranking. After a while, your posts on your website, which you also share on social media, will get more love from Google’s search engine algorithm. The result of all this is a high rank of your article on the first page of Google’s search results. 

SMM and SEO must go hand-in-hand in your marketing strategy. If you think about it, both are free. Meaning – you do not have to spend a lot of money on ads to make them work. However, you need to spend time and effort creating content that will go viral.

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