Welcome to the unofficial website of Bangor Northern Ireland (because the official website is a bit rubbish). Here we share all the exciting assets of our lovely wee seaside city, from a Bangor Castle made from sugar cubes, feeding overfed ducks at Ward Park. And, of course, the Pastie Supper Lover who’s recently gone amiss (where are you?). Anyway, there’s really a lot going on in Bangor.

Sharing our Love for Grub!

Surprisingly food is the most popular section of this blog, as people seem to be more excited by instant noodles than our lovely wee stretch of Northern Ireland’s scenic Gold Coast. So here we share our love for food, mostly Asian food (following our other life as food bloggers in Asia), but we do dabble as well in local stuff, and share some reviews of takeaways in Bangor.

Staycations in U.K. & Ireland

Bangor is renownedly known as a ridiculously scenic seaside city in Northern Ireland. A destination that more or less puts the rest of Northern Ireland to shame. But as ‘travel journalists’ we do force ourselves out to explore the wider parts of these isles, often jumping the borders to Ireland (the Republic of), and crossing over to explore the rest of the U.K. We share this stuff here.

The Travel Blog: Europe and Beyond

We do travel fairly often, aiming annually for half the year in Europe, and the other half in Asia. Sharing our Asian adventures over on our Live Less Ordinary website. Otherwise, when it’s not sunny in Bangor (or anytime really), we’d jump on a flight, or boat, to do some travels in Europe and whatnot. We share these wider travels here.