Five fun things to do in and around Belfast in 2022 

Whether you’re planning a day trip to the city or you’re keen to spend a week there with the family, Belfast and the surrounding area is a lovely place to visit. Home to excellent restaurants, glorious scenery, and the famous Titanic Quarter, Belfast has a lot to offer.

The area certainly possesses all of the ingredients needed to create an unforgettable holiday. Belfast is crammed full of must-see places and things to do, while the surrounding areas also have plenty of appealing attractions. Although the area perhaps doesn’t throw up the same type of surprises that are on show in an adventure-themed slot game or a thrilling, action-packed movie, it’s natural beauty is well worth putting any electronic devices down for and experiencing in the flesh for yourself. From touring the local port to cruising on a Hippy Bike, there are certainly adventures to be had in Belfast and the surrounding areas. Let’s take a look at some excellent options below.

Cafe Parisien views over City Hall in Belfast Northern Ireland

Titanic Belfast

The world’s largest Titanic exhibition, Titanic Belfast is a major tourist attraction in the city. Well worth the journey from Bangor, this famous attraction houses a variety of important and hugely interesting information on the famous passenger liner. From detailed stories around the construction to fun and interactive displays, it’s an excellent option for many people, particularly if you’ve seen the movie and want to learn about what happened in more detail. You can even see the original tender ship to the Titanic, the SS Nomadic. Once you’ve finished up in this superb exhibition, there are some excellent restaurants nearby, alongside the opportunity of seeing a performance at the Grand Opera House.

Fanfan Wilson at SS Nomadic in Titanic Quarter Belfast

Belfast Castle

Spending a good few hours in Belfast Castle is highly recommended. Beautiful in its design and steeped in history, there is plenty to learn about the town in general when visiting this unmissable castle. Once you’ve enjoyed a tour and captured some memorable snaps, there are some top-notch restaurants nearby to help cap off what is a great day out. Belfast Castle is also worth checking out if you get the chance to go.

Cat Garden at Belfast Castle in Northern Ireland

Bangor Marina

One of the best excursions from Belfast is to visit the nearby seaside city of Bangor and the Marina to be surrounded by water and be near the sea. With that in mind, exploring Bangor Marina is a go-to option for many visitors. From its array of shops to its delicious restaurants, this walkable area is well worth checking out.

Bregenz House Marina, Best Hotels in Bangor Seafront Town Centre, Northern Ireland

Cathedral Quarter Beer Bike Tour

While this particular option might not appeal to everyone, it most definitely does to others. After all, normal tours are a bit boring, aren’t they? Combining both beer and a bike, you can explore the vibrant, art-filled streets of the Cathedral Quarter in Belfast on a unique beer bike. Along the way, you and your team of cycling beer enthusiasts can stop off at the likes of the Duke of York and Mourne Seafood Bar, alongside passing by Wellington Place and the Albert Clock. If you’re keen to experience Belfast in a unique way, then this fun beer bike setup is most definitely for you.

Duke of York Cathedral Quarter in Summer Belfast NI

Bangor Golf Course

Sometimes, particularly for golfers, the best way to witness a specific area’s natural beauty is by playing a round of golf. Alongside taking in the glorious views and enjoying some fresh Northern Irish air, you can also meet the locals afterwards and immerse yourself into the local culture after your round. You’ll probably need to be of a decent standard to play at this particular course, but it’s well worth doing if you’re capable of sinking a few birdie putts.

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