Hotel or Serviced Apartment: How to Decide?

If you are staying away from home, be it for a holiday, business trip, or even for a medical visit, you’re likely to be considering accommodation options. Whilst your first thoughts might be to stay in a hotel, a serviced apartment may actually be better suited to your needs. 

Most of us are familiar with the facilities a hotel provides but, perhaps, less so with a serviced apartment, which can put us off choosing this form of accommodation. The flexibility and luxurious settings of serviced apartments shouldn’t be so easily dismissed however, and we are here to help you decide whether a hotel or serviced apartment suits your needs best. 

Key Overview

  • Differing from hotels, serviced apartments offer more space, privacy, and facilities such as a fully equipped kitchen.
  • Hotels are, typically, in more central locations.
  • Serviced apartments are better value for money, especially for longer stays.

What is the difference between a hotel and a serviced apartment?

Although there are many similarities between hotels and serviced apartments, the main differences tend to be found in size, location, and amenities.  

Typically, serviced apartments are much larger than a standard hotel room and often have more than one room, however they can be located a little less centrally than some hotels. Serviced apartments, like hotels, will have a housekeeping service but it may not be daily, like many hotels offer, and you are unlikely to find a mini bar in a serviced apartment but with the cost of them, that’s definitely a blessing in disguise!

Apartments vs Hotels: The Pros & Cons


People stay in hotels for a moment of relaxation with all necessary amenities close to hand, allowing you to truly switch off and unwind. Comfortable beds and clean, modern bathrooms mean you’ll be sure to get a good night’s sleep. Here are our pros and cons for staying in a hotel:


  1. Location

Hotels are often located in prime areas of cities and towns, making it far easier to get around during your stay; especially if you are on a business trip or have a lot of sight-seeing planned. That being said, if you don’t like a lot of noise, staying in the heart of a city might not be for you!

  1. No Chores

Hotels offer the ultimate switch-off from reality in that usual household chores are not done by yourself. As if by magic, beds are changed and made, dirty towels are switched out, bins are emptied, and you can even have your laundry done for you! 

  1. Amenities

Alongside daily housekeeping, a hotel’s facilities are first class. In a premium hotel you will most likely find a mini bar, room service, breakfast included, 24-hour reception, and even branded toiletries. If you are staying for a special occasion, hotel staff will often send a complimentary cake or bottle of champagne to the room which adds an extra special touch to your break.  


  1. Space

Hotel rooms are often quite compact, unless you are lucky enough to be able to afford the penthouse suite! Whilst this may be ok for a day or two, if you are looking for a longer stay, or are with your family, space becomes more essential. 

  1. Room Facilities

You’ll often find items such as an iron, hairdryer, and toiletries in a hotel room but if you want the option of eating in there, it will be a room service task. You won’t find extensive cooking facilities in a hotel room. 

  1. Prices

Hotels, particularly sought after or highly rated ones, are priced at a premium and there isn’t a discount for those wanting a longer stay. 

Serviced Apartments

People tend to stay in serviced apartments as they “offer a far more homely experience. In serviced apartments you’ll have access to many facilities, in a far more spacious and comfortable setting than the average hotel room”  and although not always centrally placed, they are still in good locations that are close to local tourist attractions or key parts of cities like the Camden Cotton Mills apartments Charlotte NC. Anyway, here are the pros and cons of serviced apartments:


  1. Value

You might be surprised to learn that serviced apartments are, typically, more affordable than hotels. If you are looking for a longer-term stay, for example, if you are relocating or recovering from a medical procedure, these comfortable lodgings offer much better value for money. 

  1. Size

Generally, serviced apartments are much larger than hotel rooms. Many serviced apartments, such as those offered by Sanctum, will come with separate bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, and living area meaning that you won’t get bored of the same four walls. If you are staying with family, there is plenty of space for luggage, as well as any shopping you might do on your break away!

  1. Facilities

The amenities on offer in a luxury serviced apartment are extensive and can include complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi,  gyms, parking, housekeeping, laundry services, TVs with satellite channels, and fully equipped kitchens. With such a large variety of facilities available, it can often feel like a home away from home. 

  1. Flexibility

In a serviced apartment, guests have much more freedom. Not only are they able to come and go as they please, but they also have access to a large flexible space for dinner with friends, business meetings, or spending time with family.


  1. Housework

Although serviced apartments, like hotels, do tend to offer a housekeeping service, it isn’t always at the same frequency. For some this is an advantage, especially if you are planning on spending a fair amount of time in the apartment, as you won’t have such regular intrusion from a cleaning team. 

  1. Limited Staff

As serviced apartment buildings often have fewer guests than a hotel, there tends to be less staff in the building, although there is usually a 24-hour concierge that is on hand to help when required. 

  1. Advanced Booking

It is much harder to get a last-minute deal on a serviced apartment as, generally, they tend to be booked up well in advance. The best way to ensure you get a serviced apartment, in the area you need, is to plan ahead and get it booked in as soon as possible. 


You might be wondering why serviced apartments could be better than hotels? Well, if you are looking for somewhere that doesn’t compromise on luxury but still offers those home comforts that we all miss when staying away, then a serviced apartment is likely to be the best choice for you. Hotels do offer a temporary glimpse of a chore-free lifestyle, where everything is done for you, but there is less privacy and even less space. So when it comes to deciding, it’s a no-brainer! Try a serviced apartment and be blown away by the experience.

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