Places you Must Visit in Bangor Maine (USA)?

Bangor, Maine, a twin town of sorts to our own Bangor in Northern Ireland offers numerous appealing features for travellers.  This place is not only rich in history, but also has natural landscapes too.  As a result, you’ll never be disappointed as a tourist when you come here. 

Highlights include historic landmarks, lush forests, stunning bodies of water, unique local dishes, and much more. In simpler terms, Bangor, Maine is a destination teeming with exciting things to do and explore. 

Get ready with your travel bags and we promise you’ll have an unforgettable time in this city for sure. 

The Bangor Waterfront: This is truly mesmerizing! 

A magnificent treasure, the Bangor Waterfront should not be missed when visiting Bangor, Maine. If you are a photographer looking for some stunning shots, then the Penobscot River surely won’t disappoint you! Moreover, if you love some quite time, this is the place to be in.  

If you want a leisurely walk down at the riverfront, or maybe arrange a picnic insider the park, or attend any event or concert here, you’ll thoroughly enjoy this place. Visitors who want to have some rest, enjoy the beautiful scenery at Bangor, or cherish some memories, the Bangor Waterfront is just the perfect place to be.   

Bangor Museum and History Center: Rich with historical facts

Are you fond of learning about historical facts? If your answer is yes, then Bangor Museum and History Center is here to fulfil your desire. 

This historical centre hosts a variety of exhibitions through which you will get to know all about the city’s colourful past. You will get everything to know about business in Bangor over time, more specifically during the Civil War. There are many artefacts, hands-on exhibitions, historical stories that you’d like to know, etc. 

So, reach here soon and have a gala time at Bangor.

Embrace Nature at the Bangor City Forest

Nature lovers who wish to escape the city can find serenity in Bangor City Forest. You will feel as if you are lost in nature. 

Along the wooded trail, tranquil ponds contribute to the atmosphere. Breathe deeply and enjoy the fresh air. So, enjoy the best of the natural beauty here.

So, are you ready for an exciting trip at the Bangor City Forest?

Maine Discovery Museum: Your kids will love it

If you have your kids travelling with you then don’t forget to visit the Maine Discovery Museum. This are several art and scientific exhibitions here at the museum. As a result, your kids will not only enjoy them but these educational exhibitions will be a source of valuable learning for them. 

Do visit the hometown of Stephen King 

Bangor is famously known as the hometown of renowned author Stephen King. You can’t visit without experiencing some of the Stephen King charm. Don’t forget to visit the famous SK Tours of Maine. 

For those who are passionate about adventure, this experience is sure to be truly unforgettable.

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Relish the Local Cuisine

Some of the foods here at Bangor will really blow your mind! If you are a food lover, you’d want to visit Bangor more than once for sure. Bangor has all in it for you. Some of the best food delights are here all in one place! Try some fresh Atlantic seafood, won’t you? Or do you need some lovely delicacies?  Want some mouthwatering lobster roll, a savoury blueberry pie, or a comforting plate of poutine? Bangor has something for every taste, ready at your service. So, once you are here at Bangor, make sure to try out every food delight possible. 

Final Thoughts:

Bangor is a traveller’s delight. Irrespective of whatever you like, you’ll find something of your interest here at Bangor. These are some of the top places highlighted in the article where you can have the best of your time. Make sure you are visiting those! 

We hope this article has been helpful!

Have a marvellous trip! 

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