Four smartphone-friendly games to accompany you on your staycation

Embarking on a staycation is something more of us should do. Thankfully, in recent times, an increasing amount of people are discovering domestic holidays and visiting nations like Northern Ireland for the day and camping in rural areas of England.

During your journey there, though, boredom can set in. Likewise, if you’re waiting for your local fish and chips to be delivered or you’re having to hang around for a few hours until the shops open, then you might need some light entertainment. Thankfully, that’s where the mobile phone of today comes in handy, with devices made by the likes of Nokia and Apple possessing enough power to be able to handle a variety of entertaining offerings, games included. For many, gaming on a smartphone device is a preference, particularly when on the go, given its portable nature.

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As such, accessing a few smartphone games while enjoying a staycation is a good thing to do. The games available to sample in seconds are genuinely impressive these days and they’ll provide plenty of fun and entertainment, too. Let’s take a look at four solid options below.

Zookeeper World is a pleasure to play

Offering a unique zoo management system in a Match-3 puzzle format, Zookeeper World is a highly pleasurable smartphone gaming experience. Essentially tasking you with running your very own zoo, gamers have to snap up exhibits, find facilities, add more animals to their zoo, and loads of other things around zoo management. Along the journey, there are seasonal events, mini-games you can add to your zoo, and plenty of fun adventures to smash through. It’s a puzzle game too, making Zookeeper World a fantastic game to dip in and out of while you’re exploring your surroundings.

Hot Lap League: Racing Mania! is well worth playing

One of the many joys of playing racing games is due to the casual offering they tend to possess, allowing gamers to enjoy a quick race before signing off and returning for a more solid session later in the day. Hot Lap League: Racing Mania! certainly falls under this category, with smartphone gamers evidently enjoying the game’s action-packed offering that tasks them with having to jump over obstacles, execute stunts, hit high speeds, and master over 150 testing tracks. Also containing numerous features that enable gamers to enjoy a more personal gaming experience, Hot Lap League: Racing Mania! is well worth playing.

Playtech’s Spin-A-Win game show is a blast

Once you’ve been on a few virtual escapades, experiencing a live game show from the comfort of your own phone is a great thing to do. A Wheel of Fortune-style live casino game show, Playtech’s Spin-A-Win game show is a blast as gamers make the most of a game show experience that is similar to the array of shows that have been seen on television over the years. There is a host, a wheel, plenty of opportunities to reign supreme, and an all-around entertaining offering that makes you feel like you’re the star of the show.

Pokemon Go is perfect for any holiday

Pokemon Go isn’t new in 2023, but not everyone has opened themselves up to this augmented-reality masterpiece. Once you’ve chosen to represent Team Instinct, Team Mystic, or Team Valor, then it’s up to you to play your part and take down any other rival teams around you, be it in gyms or by battling. You can also explore your surroundings as you catch Pokemon, evolve them, walk great distances to hatch eggs, and loads more. Overall, Niantic’s product is easily one of the most innovative smartphone games we’ve ever been exposed to.

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