A Road Trip Around the UK: Where To Visit

There’s a lot to be said for a road trip around the UK. You’ll save on the cost of travelling abroad, and you’ll be able to see the country as never before. Part of the inherent charm of a road trip is the freedom it provides you to be spontaneous. You’ll be able to wander wherever you like, and stop off wherever you please.

Having said that, it’s often a good idea to put together a route before you start travelling so you know exactly what route you can take. You’ll also want to make sure that your vehicle is fit for the task. Your tyres need to be in good condition and well above the legal minimum tread. If they are not, then new tyres will be required before setting off to ensure you’re legal to drive.

Allan and Fanfan Wilson, Free Entry to the Giants Causeway N Ireland

Not only is this an area to check, but you’ll want to also ensure that your oil is topped up. If you need more, make sure you research what oil is best for your car! The lights should also be checked, especially if you haven’t driven at night for a while. Finally, it’s a good idea to refuel before you set out.

So, where might you travel to? There are a few parts of the country that are particularly suited to a road trip.

1. The Cotswolds

With beautiful rolling hills and valleys harbouring a network of quaint little villages, the Cotswolds is a more-or-less flawless, picture-postcard version of the English countryside. You’ll want to visit there at least once, and a road trip is probably the best way to do it. Make a list of villages, and plan your route accordingly.

2. Cornwall

For a winning combination of cliffside walks, beautiful seaside towns, excellent seafood and wonderful surfing opportunities, Cornwall is difficult to beat. It doesn’t have the best motorway connections with the rest of the country, so you’ll do most of your driving on winding, scenic B-roads. Some of the best drives in the country are to be found here, so try to plan your route around them.

3. Scotland

The highlands of Scotland extend over a vast territory, and you’d be hard-pressed to explore the entire region in a single trip. Still, this part of the country is truly spectacular, and very well suited to a road trip in Scotland. Much of the time, you’ll be driving with soaring cliffs and sheer drops on either side. Of course, there are plenty of whisky distilleries in the Highlands, too, many of them clustered in just one or two hotspots. If you’d like to sample a dram or two along your travels, then you might book a stop or two in Speyside.

Winter Landscapes. Scotland Road Trip in Scottish Highlands in Winter Snow

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