7 Most Wonderful Places You Should Visit In the UK On Your Next Trip

The United Kingdom has some of the most unique places to visit. With many different countries, regions, and cities within its borders, there is always going to be a new and interesting place to plan a trip for. Here are just 7 of the most wonderful places to visit on your next trip to the UK. 


Located in the southwest of Britain, the country of Wales is famous for its mountainous national parks, sprawling grasslands, and a beautiful coastline, that you might find in a movie. For those that are looking for an adventure away from the city, and are more appreciative of natural wonders, Wales is home to hiking trails on their mountains, overlooking some gorgeous lakes. This is a place that you can literally get lost in for weeks, just be careful that you can find your way home.

There are also a wide range of cruises from UK ports that stop off in this beautiful country; giving you the chance to relax and unwind onboard an extraordinary ship, whilst exploring all that it has to offer.

Isle Of Man

The Irish Sea is located between England and Ireland. In these waters, you will find a unique island that has a spectacular history associated with its existence. In the nineteenth century, Norway ruled the island, but was fought over throughout the years between England and Scotland. After many years, it has become self-governing, yet is under the governance of the United Kingdom in a larger sense, who is responsible for defending it and representing it in international affairs. If you visit the island, you will find castle structures still standing and maintained, providing a unique and interesting atmosphere as there is nothing but ocean everywhere you turn. 

Northern Ireland

The northern part of Ireland remains part of the United Kingdom after the southern part became a free Irish state known as the Republic of Ireland. The city of Belfast is famously known for the construction and the launch of the Titanic, while it is also a city that has gone through political strife that you can see reflected on murals all across the region. Getting further away from Belfast, other key attractions include the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge, a bridge constructed by fishermen to be able to access the islands and reach their fishing boats. If you want to avoid the crowds that frequently cue up to cross the bridge, you can still appreciate the breathtaking coastline.

Carrick-a-rede-Rope-Bridge, GIants Causeway Coastal Route, Northern Ireland

Isle Of Skye

The UK has many regions and places that seem to come straight out of a fairytale or fantasy book. The Isle of Skye is among those places and with a suiting name. The myth or legend that is associated with this place tells of a story of a giant that lived there a long time ago, eventually passing away. When he died, he was buried but part of his thumb still sticks out of the ground. The Isle of Skye has such a unique atmosphere and environment, with rock formations that don’t seem to be real. Once you have visited The Old Man of Storr, you will also want to check out a few other memorable places in the Mealt Falls, a waterfall formation that spills over the edge of a cliff, into the surrounding ocean, as well as the Fairy Pools, that make you feel like you might stumble across some mystic creatures.


One of the most iconic cities in the world, London is a favourite for many tourists. From the famous Big Ben clock tower, to the double-decker buses that run through the city streets, to the iconic red guards that protect the Buckingham Palace, there are so many aspects that make the city feel unique. The demand for different activities, as understood by www.hellotickets.com, is so extremely high, that you would benefit from making bookings and purchasing your events reservations ahead of time. This will help save you from missing out on adventures that you are looking forward to during your trip like London Theatre Tickets. The atmosphere is unlike anything else you will experience. Even if you have been to the city of London, coming back will feel like returning to something comfortably familiar. If you are planning a trip to the United Kingdom, and you have not been to London yet, it is definitely a must-see travel destination. 


Located in England, this is a man-made structure that is known by many around the world through text books and pictures. This ring of rocks stands around 13 feet high, towering above many tourists when they come to revel in its presence. There is a great deal of mystery behind stonehenge, with questions wondering where it came from, and why it was built. The truth may never be revealed, but many will speculate how this had been built thousands of years ago. For as long as it remains a mystery, Stonehenge will continue to attract tourists from far and wide. 


There are quite a few locations in Scotland that you will want to visit on your trip to the UK. This is especially interesting if you are a fan of a very famous wizard. Edinburgh is where JK Rowling wrote her famous books, Harry Potter. It is no surprise, as the city provides many inspirations with its architecture and atmosphere, perfectly suitable for a wizard world. Venture outside of Edinburgh, and Glenfinnan Viaduct is another iconic location in the wizard realm. The train that runs along the railway is famously seen in the Harry Potter movies, transporting the students to school and back. If the wizards of Hogwarts are not your fancy, Edinburgh is also home to Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcano that overlooks the city allowing you to get some spectacular views. The name Arthur’s seat comes from King Arthur, with speculation suggesting that he built his home there.

When you are planning your next vacation or trip, you should absolutely consider the UK, and dedicate a decent amount of time to explore as much of the United Kingdom as possible. Planning ahead of time might help you make the most of your short visit, maximizing the sights you get to see. There are so many places that it might require a few visits, but you are sure to want to return again and again.

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